Monday, October 15, 2018


The decay crept in
Like a cancer, eating from toe
To the heart
Until blood lost its colour

Was it guilt 
Was it love  
Was it fear
Was it me

Music did not entice
Stories left travel
Sugar turned sand
Hands grasped at neck so hard, sorrow could not be swallowed 

It must have been love
It must have been me

Laughters were short
Smiles were forgotten
Dance lost its grace 
Guilt stopped hurting 

It must have been me

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

God has tricky ways

When you stop seeing the world
Life becomes a lie
Same thoughts repeat endlessly
Until the last drop of sweetness become sour

Blind are we
Not to notice the darkness that lure around
Days repeat like a slogan
A slogan you wished never to recite

Blind were those who embraced the slogan
For they never knew the plurality of life
Blind were those who embraced the song
For they never knew the illusion of a song

We wait for a re birth
For that first breath which made us in love with life
A life of curiosity and despair
God has tricky ways

We wait for an ending
For despair has conquered curiosity
To be lazy in the lap of God
But God has tricky ways

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Castway Love

I float and I float not alone
Over a lifeless raft and a snoring sea
On a starry night, salty air
I float and I see you

As I float away from reality
Into the dreams with no shame
Over an ocean that edge on consciousness
I float and I see you

As the tie loosens and planks crank
Silent splashes pour salt over unhealed wounds
Splashes can't drown the fire inside
I float and I feel you

Cast away into eternity
Sleeping for a thousand years
Until the sun gets old and sea turns white
I float and I feel you

Dreams unbound and magical
Nature surrenders and renders to our dance
Angels whistle and whisper stories unheard
We float and float into a dream

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Bundle of Joy

It has been almost a year since my last scribble.....
Thanks to the Bundle of Joy!

On one of those usual monthly checkups, where we secretly wished to know the unspeakable, just to trim down the list of names of course. Doctor says "fluid levels are a bit low, we need to induce delivery". And we ask calmly "So shall we come back next week to induce?". Doc replies calmly "No, induce now, nurse will take you to delivery ward now". And thus, I joined TCS a week late. Thanks to, bundle of joy!

Inducing delivery is not that easy; after 2 and a half days of splendid time at Aster Medicity's lake-view room, our bundle of joy finally decided to come out of his comfort zone, with the help of a bit of vacuum technology. Having a smoke might have given faster results than medicine inducing; pokuchu purathu chadikyal ayurvedathil parajitundo avo. For those who have had the luck of seeing a human birth, I bet your expression will not be a smile if someone clicks at that moment. I was in a bundle of questions first, then in a bundle of relief and back to questions; But I could see the bundle of joy at the end of the tunnel! ;)

Then came the Simba moment! And as the initial excitements toned down a little, I could hear praises for me for withstanding the 2 and half days of inducing... And that was not good, from the non-glances of mama bear. But thankfully, Bundle of joy had covered it for me. Then, I realized the chap is not just a Bundle of joy, he is a Bundle of Magic!!! ;)

The next many days were about bundles of everything! Bundle of bill payment to start with. Bundle of extreme caution, bundle of curious cases of poop color, bundle of breastfeeding troubles but then... Bundle of joy raises his tiny little arm and moves his little fingers and magic works!

I had not figured why babies were called bundles of joy for a long time but I do now. It is love, magic! And I wish it was as easy as a recognition is to baby, to bring that smile, does not fade away when we grow up.

I hope we see each other, recognize, smile and recognize more deeply. Recognize the life within us, the essence within us. A world without strangers and stranger thoughts, will keep us smiling forever.

Thanks to the Bundle of joy... Keep smiling! :)

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Faceless Man

As thousands stroll through the streets
A Glance of knowing is far too rare.
Is it too much to ask who you are?
My faceless men, with a thousand face

I look deeply into every eye past,
Silently speaking of my hunger through my glance.
Although inside me, the cry is blinding,
For clothes, for food, for a kind word.

As I search for those familiar features, that once held me warm in arms,
A fraction of the pain pounding my heart, trickles down as tears.
For my world has crumbled, and I am lost
I lost my face,
Now I am as faceless as them.

Like fingers passing through a candle's flame, unflinching,
I am not able to touch, the countless you,
Does it hurt not to be seen?
When God gave us all, the gift to see.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Box

Liberation is a myth with a thousand feathers
Bright and colorful, spread towards the sky
Seducing men like sirens at the sea

Progress was a promise never to be unbroken
A path cut by time and not human

Love is butter that melts,
In the very warmth it was made

Culture is societies pride and dagger
That nourishes and bleeds it the same

Science was never to be told
But discovered for mans endless end

For years human have found boxes
And boxes we stay inside
From ancient to medieval, medieval to modern,
All at the same now

Death was the only way out
Yet we seem to fight against it.

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Wise Page

Living for an eternity
Hidden among my siblings
I long for a touch, a look,
My few minutes of fresh air

My cheer is long lost
For many of my brothers have withered away
Frightened the wisdom tattooed on me
Is waiting to fade away in time

Nostalgic am I sometimes
On the day I was born in the press
We clapped aloud .. As stories were born
A dark pride filled my heart
For we are not for illiterates

Fools we were when destiny whispered before our creation
That showcases are our coffin
Now sitting on a vanity bookshelf, Stacked body over body
Unbearable is the smell of rotten death

I wait to see my love, curious eyes, 
Flip me over once more, kind fingers,
And I shall rest in peace
Never to complain again.