Friday, September 4, 2015

The Wise Page

Living for an eternity
Hidden among my siblings
I long for a touch, a look,
My few minutes of fresh air

My cheer is long lost
For many of my brothers have withered away
Frightened the wisdom tattooed on me
Is waiting to fade away in time

Nostalgic am I sometimes
On the day I was born in the press
We clapped aloud .. As stories were born
A dark pride filled my heart
For we are not for illiterates

Fools we were when destiny whispered before our creation
That showcases are our coffin
Now sitting on a vanity bookshelf, Stacked body over body
Unbearable is the smell of rotten death

I wait to see my love, curious eyes, 
Flip me over once more, kind fingers,
And I shall rest in peace
Never to complain again.


Anonymous said...

The love you personified here is wisdom!!

Anonymous said...

:( Sad but true :(