Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Chocolate Mountain

I was lying in the bed after a good night sleep, feeling good, feeling life. Day after day, year after year, every morning you wake up; but some mornings are special, some mornings you are full of life and not questions about life. 

I felt like imagining a pretty scene. If I was a child I might have thought about a chocolate hill or being lost in room of toys. But that age is over long. But the fascination for colors is still luring. Just like a child would be captured by the bright colors of a cartoon, I imagined myself inside a huge cave of precious stones glittering, all around you, columns of diamonds hanging from the roof. But the image did not last more than a minute. Even without my consent, an emerald pile grew into a mountain, standing like God looking deep into your eyes, I had no choice but to surrender to its enormous breathless beauty to find myself soon inside a thick forest, with tall trees, taller anything I have seen in real life, felt unreal. With a jump I was flying amongst trees jumping high and falling fast that you might think its your final fall; but then you bounce back even higher and leap beyond the trees.. but that too was a short-lived picture.. 

Somehow the picture of a dog lying in a shade on a warm day swept all these brilliant images away. It was not being bothered about hunger or someone throwing a stone. Just lying, maybe waiting for a breeze, and once in a while, the brown dust laden fur would bend ever so slowly along the direction of the breeze. Silence and Peace would stop Time from ticking. Time being restless by nature, feverish by the inability to tick, adorns the body of a fly and tickles our gentleman's face to break the peace. His face would twitch, of the slight discomfort, but there is no interest to do anything more and mess up the peace. 

This humble image stayed longer than all the other majestic ones and its essence of simplicity was profound. The simplicity of life is so much ignored, I wondered if peace distances itself from us because of this. When there is peace inside, Smile would surface. To bear a smile from within is like a tree bearing fruit. Unlike when others put a smile on your face,  when the smile is from within you, you become the tree, rooted firmly, bearing its own fruit, sheltering and giving the better to others. Keep Smiling. :)

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