Tuesday, February 6, 2018

God has tricky ways

When you stop seeing the world
Life becomes a lie
Same thoughts repeat endlessly
Until the last drop of sweetness become sour

Blind are we
Not to notice the darkness that lure around
Days repeat like a slogan
A slogan you wished never to recite

Blind were those who embraced the slogan
For they never knew the plurality of life
Blind were those who embraced the song
For they never knew the illusion of a song

We wait for a re birth
For that first breath which made us in love with life
A life of curiosity and despair
God has tricky ways

We wait for an ending
For despair has conquered curiosity
To be lazy in the lap of God
But God has tricky ways


Purbayan Chatterjee said...

Super writing - you’re so good. You should write more often

gayatri said...

Superb kak

Varsha said...

Ambada.. that's nice...!!!

Sethu Mithran said...

Lovely piece Ganu, simply superb ..

Unknown said...

Rereading it today kak ! I love u