Saturday, July 4, 2009

If cats can love why cant we?!!

(Playing - The Count of Tuscany Part 2 - Dream Theater - Black Clouds and Silver Linings - find out yourself a link ;)... and so my fingers type.....)
Another weekend is here! I love weekends more than anything else I can think of... its 2 days where i boss what i do with the 48 hours of time before work gets back to you. Unlike the working days when i find it hard to wake up in time to go to office... I get up early on a saturday morning (even after all that booze last night!). Just the thought on what all you can do without giving an estimate to your manager is a wish granted! The day starts with riding bike through the traffic of growing developing nation... (guess what i m writing this blog keepin in mind that not just my developing nation friends read it ;) --- aint that futuristic!). And so the bike finally comes to a halt back at where u started from... after a heavy biriyani... before which i gave my blood to test my cholestrol levels... before which i gave a quick swim to get me 'fit' for the medical checkup made almost 'mandatory' by my workplace... (preface: this is during 2009 recession - companies are researching on books - 1001 ways to get rid of your employee... written by the 'capitalist alias shithole'. Keeping aside the hate for capitalist... let me move on wit luv n intelligence n the crap with it... ;)... guess what i watch the next 45mins after reachin back home....
Its not the pretty girl who I wished stayed at home nearby! The mom cat n 2 kittens (who really looked like her for some reason) jumped through grills on my gate. (Song changes to Niladri Kumar - Sitar Gaze...)
Unlike many other days, I decided to watch what these animals do... The kittens first revolved around their mom rubbing her out delight. This delight was of not out of seeing someone you just missed that you act as if - 'u come to me first missy... until then I am just carry on playing with this pretty white pebble I tripped on. ' . This joy came out of pure innocence where there is not even a thought for a play to get you on top of the game called relationship. 10 mins back these kittens were hiding in the shadow of the bush that surrounded them to protect from the preying eyes of hungry crows n humans probably want to make them a 'pet'. For the next 15 m I had the pleasure of witnessing their joy... jumping on their mom, brushing their head under the moms neck... finally pushing her finally to laydown to feed them... n while they drank the day's nutrition, she licked the kids heads n hugged them with her fore'legs'! For the next 5mins the kids were busy drying the mom out... (I got a bit bored now... even thought if I should be watching this... hoped maneka gandhi ji was not around! ;) )...
Is a cat intelligent? Even if you feed it everyday with salmon... it doesnt care who feeds it... never says a thanks or a tail wage or a bowing head atleast. But the way she took care of her kids and protected them is magnificient. The love is unconditional here... the bond cannot be corrupted here... its natural... life and love sings the same song... with the same tune... in a rythm that cannot be broken my earth itself.
Love powers our heart... it take the difference out of differences... everyone is capable of loving... and capable of spreading the love...
N like us... after the feed feast I watch the other kitten getting back to his play with a 5 min discovery old... the pebble... :) ... kids do take mom and her love for granted!

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