Sunday, September 13, 2009

The green bug

Ice is melting!!
When will our hearts?!
be compassionate...
be evergreen.

blurt out from my head as I was watching the green exhibition our company's employees had come up with. I was quick to take a print out of this as my writing is not the best and put it among the other entries. Wasted a paper, hoping the trees might forgive as this was for a noble cause... ;)

Waited like an eager dog to know the comments on it. Few seem to appreciate it... many just glanced over... some saw it childish... some gave a laugh (mocking... i wonder). The responses were diverse... would have been very boring if all of it was the same!

All are familiar with the little word 'compassion', but wonder how many enjoy the dept of it. 'Be passionate' is so different from 'being compassionate'. Can both of these exist together? Our culture seem to be brain-washed with the idea of being passionate, that the compassionate side is taking a nap...long one. Well there are books for 'You can Win' etc etc, is there a book 'Whats wrong in losing?' or 'Why don't you lose?'!

Can we not try being passionate about compassion... or are we afraid we might end up like Jesus? :D

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