Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life is a journey

Is it really a journey? I never thought so, I have not travelled more than my neighbours paddy field. In fact, I have never travelled more than what Asianet told me to. But I do know there is a guy who eat lizards n snake and doesnt like puttu n kadala! His parents think he just wants to be on TV... influenzed by Guiness world record in AXN.

I have heard many a say 'Life is a journey'. Just like places pass by whilst the train cuts through civilisation, Time passes by in this strange journey called life. It passes by sometimes quick, sometimes it never seem to move, feels stuck. But even the convict feel the speed by which time has withered his cell bars. The journey resumes even when our body stand still... The journey resumes even when our thoughts stand stagnent... The journey resumes... Until time stops... Until the game times out...

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