Sunday, July 25, 2010

The boundaries of mind

A glass of bitter sweet lemon juice and upma kicked off yet another much awaited Sunday morning with joy. I devoted myself with some news reading but failed to find something exciting. My thoughts were dying fast; sleep was winning the battle against the awake. But the sense of responsibility said to me 'Hey mate, dint you have an interview this Tuesday?'. That was good enough, I had not faced an interview for a really long time, a bit of preparation should not hurt. I crawled to system and typed 'www.te' but before completing this to '', the browser history suggested ''. Ahh, the gods might be suggesting something? I don't know, but i chose this site.

Of the many links, I was caught most by
ml. A substitute for iPad for $35! I thought intentions were good, and went ahead to read the comments on the article. Many were thought provoking and good, but some had a sense of disassociation to it, a bit of the poison. Those comments went - 'India is rapidly catching up.. we better watch out' and 'we are making cost cuts whist we sent AID to India and India is subsidising for its students'. I am assuming the 'we' was United Kingdom, but that's not the point. Getting out an IPad alike for $35 has immense meaning were cheap technology can help poor and remote settlements to learn. But somehow some people give importance more to India in the 'India unveils $35 iPad' title. I blame them for making yet another of these ridiculously boring blog!

When whatshisname invented bulb; it did not just light his home or his nation alone. The whole world was lit! Why do we tend to draw boundaries, even on ideas. One we draw for the self, then one for the family, one for the community, one for the state, one for the country. These are not very colourful are they? Maybe there are colourful ones like the one for the football club, for the music genre, for the cuisine. So many of them out there and within.

Could it help if we rub all those lines away and take a look. May be life will become all too simple and humans will cease to exist or will go back into the wild...

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