Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vande mataram

Vande mataram

Such sweet is the surrender that even the slightest strain of this melody captures the attention of every cell in me. Every hair stand up in respect and heart beats to its rhythm. Thoughts stop wandering about and vande mataram flows through my veins.

As the anthem comes to an end, there is a head rush on what surrender did i do for her? A few sights I have cherished and wondered in my life so far. To my Mother with all Her vibrance.

To the lady n son on route to jog falls

As the honda city went swiftly past the traffic to reach jog falls in time. We overtook an peti auto. There was a lady who held her son tight by her hands. She had a peace that radiated so beautifully on her face. Both were sitting on a rug, i could not spot a slight discomfort on both. The boy felt the safety of his mothers grip; as did i who drove past them in no more than a couple of minutes felt in seat belt gripping around my waist.

To the old women in Ladak

We rubbed our hands, cold inside the qualis, which moved slowly but steadily through the snow breeze en-route pangkong lake to Leh. The driver slowed again finding it hard as the visibility was going poor. Then we saw the two women waving their hands at us, smiling so happy to see a vehicle to probably give them a ride back town. In there late 40s or more I assume, they work for building roads in the thin air altitudes of leh, ensuring safe passage for our army men to keep our Independence safe and strong. When they got down in Leh and waved good bye to us - it was a blessing.

To the bridge builders

Every week as my bus go past trissur to ernakulam to the final destination tvm. I see the men working at 00:30, hitting hard on the steel rods for building the bridges. Their work for earning a daily bread is our country tomorrow. I would see this for a couple of seconds with the music stilling playing, adjusting my semi sleeper seat to incline more as I get ready to sleep.

The early morning tea maker and dil kush

Part 2 of the above journey is when i get down at trissur at 03:00 am. Shaken by sleep, struggling to put on the chappels in the dark, I finally stumble out of the bus. To find the old man near in front of the bus station. He has absolutely no expression on his face as he keeps on making tea of the early travellers; not a minute of rest, standing. His bald head and strong tea is something i would not forget. And the bit of dilkush along with the tea. All under rs 10.

Scene in allahabad
Patriotism in its peak; me and a couple of my college friends decided to go to allahabad to the army engineers selection. Lucky to pass the first round of selection; we got down at allahabad to be surrounded by a hundreds cycle ricksaw drivers, frantically trying to get hold of our luggage. Which was their way to make sure they got the costumer. Finally we decided to get on one, 3 of us with all our luggage on 1 cycle riska, as he flexed every muscle in his body to take us to a hotel, finally to earn 15rs. he was very indifferent, and so were we.

Flag during school days
I received an sms today morning on how we go about during this day to get a flag, to put it on our cycle when we were kids. we knew it was important, we did not know why though. Hope we will not have to find the the importance of the Independence the hard way.

Vande mataram

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