Saturday, October 23, 2010

Addiction - Part 2

The guy stared at my friend with absolutely no expression on his face giving away the slightest clue on what was going on in this mind. Was he pitying the unfortunate state of my friend, was he wondering how anyone could get into such mess, maybe he was thanking god that he is much well off than the person he is staring at. I doubt any of these though, I think he was just simply staring with a blank mind, eating the banana his by-stander gave him.
Sight at medical college psychiatry ward was much better than the emergency ward. Everyone seemed fine except for the person I went to visit. Hands and legs tied to the four corners of the bed. Murmuring something which made absolute no sense. He had not eaten for the third consecutive day. Liquid food forcefully fed through a thin pipe going through his nose. Surrounded by friends and family, but he did not see a familiar face. A person who has been hit with the less commonly known and experienced child of addiction, the withdrawal syndrome. Parentage accepted by alcohol in this case.
I stepped 2 steps close to him, silently prayed to god for his well being, stepped back 2 steps, watched around, my help was not needed there. Went back home. I am not a believer of Him.

PS: The guy is fine now. :) Hopefully seen last of his favourite old companion.

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