Saturday, January 21, 2012

The pigeon's curse

On an unusual Saturday hung-over* morning, I was recollecting what all I ate the night before, the breath smelled like I swallowed a cemetery the night before. Brushing did not help, the devil was inside... A bit of fresh air might help to get fresh and I stepped out to the balcony to be greeted by confused white pigeon!

I wondered if my friend and I had a 'hang-over' movie effect and decided to get a pigeon as pet. But the looks on the young bird suggested if it too was in one the many bird dance bars in Dubai watching exotic birds dance to birdywood masala songs. It looked disoriented by the unusual hung-over* it had the night before! By now both of us had realized what had happened... the birdy was trapped as my balcony had mesh all around to keep miscreeds like this one away. Neither of us got a clue on how she got inside! There was no hole in the mesh. My friend and me thought we would give her sometime to figure the way out while we have breakfast and think about a rescue mission afterwards.

Back from the breakfast, I went out to check again n she was gone! :O ... wonder struck for a couple of minutes till she was spotted on top of the window AC. Doh! Rescue mission... first to free our new inmate... and secondly to save us from washing bird poo on the balcony before its too late!

Took the bath towel to catch her and release to freedom... to find the next 15 mins chasing a chic (as other pigeons might have called this one) from one corner of the balcony to another... she put a good fight to escape from her rescuer! Just before both of us got tired, I got hold on her! She succumbed and admitted I won the catch. I felt proud... and pride got me into thinking I could take a snap of the catch and flaunt on my facebook. ahaaa! I bet that could fetch me a couple of likes! As dislike was not an option though many times I felt a lot of the likes was infact a sarcastic dislike so that others see the crap too.

Social media pressure crept into me craft-fully... without even me not realising it... my meditation on freeing my catch was lost and 'likes' floated in my head... my hands went weak for a couple of seconds and she knew it... with a sudden burst of energy the white pigeon freed her wings and slapped it hard. I put a last try to get my grip back on but ended up with a bouquet of feathers in my hand. I had lost the catch. Rescue mission had failed but cannot be abandoned, need to continue as she was on infront of me, free again now from my grasp, looking at me in disgust of ruining her feathers. That is how I confirmed it was a she. Unless it was another metro-sexual male pigeons who grooms himself everyday to work... for something another of his kind only will find sense in!

In that aghast as she looked at me.. taking steps backwards with eyes still on me and the other 2 humans now beside me... she found a gap! The gap through which she might have got in! It was a narrow gap on where a slice of glass was missing on the balcony. She dived to freedom at last! I did not notice her giving a look back... bird brain I guess... She flew away only to stop 3 building away... settling near her friends who has been all the while flying outside... laughing at her plight... and mine...

As I sat back inside, I wondered if the misunderstood bird had cursed me, thinking I was going to catch her and slave her or eat. I also thought this one was a good story to tell others... why not a blog! But I had stopped blogging for the same reason I lost the catch today. The idea of posting in social media had began to taken my focus on the subject. I had realized that I am not enjoying the beauty of the moment because my head gets distracted by the idea of posting! Frantic tweeting and let everyone know and fetch me my acknowledgement of my digital presence! A reason why I I never bought a SLR till now, cause it would hurt if the photo did not look as good as it really was, It will never be for sure.

But then I blogged again... :P ... Peace! The pigeon is free and I am cursed again... ;)

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