Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hungry cow and the shy grass

In my first days of dubai metro travel, I used to observe a strange culture neither Eastern nor Western - Men gave up their seats with no observable facial emotion to good looking women, they sometimes even jump out of the seat if she is a hottie! But sadly tend avoid eye contact if an elder was standing in-front of them, trying hard to reach the hand rail on top or get balance as the metro swiftly moves on. Dubai’s got the perfect cover for you to do that because everyone wears a sunglass here!
The result of this courteous act is a packed row of women sitting and men standing in front facing them. Wow! Reminds of cattle sheds, rows of cows with fresh juicy grass spread in front of them. All they need to do is push that head out n munch the yummy grass. But you can't do that here! If you drink or eat or even chew a bubble gum in this shed, you are entitled to win a fine upto 100 dhirams. So munching is definitely out of question! So what next!? :O... Suddenly we have a tough glass between our hungry cows and grass...

The optimist cows says ‘moooooooo!?!’ meaning 'so what!? It's not a ground glass or tinted one ;)'

Journey in the metro enters the next inevitable stage - Silence, Sleep, Stare, n Pull up!

Silence – Metro is so packed in morning peak hours that if you watch the metro going from outside, you will see a lot of spidermen sticking against the glass door. I myself being a regular spiderman miss sometimes the transportation at home where you can stick your butt out of the crowded bus and enjoy the feeling of living on the edge, as you pull up against the door when an electricity post comes forward to give that smack you needed much. Even though crowded as the metro is, the silence is unbearable at times; keeps you wondering where are all the kids and teens?!

Sleep – Yes, you are happy that you at-least have a job in this recession time. But the job is just too hectic that you don’t seem to get that 8 hours of blissful sleep you wish for. And there you are in the metro hoping to get that last 30 mins of sleep. Put on your sun-glass, sit upright, try not to snore – 3 simple steps to have a dignified snooze on the move.

Stare n Pull up – I don’t think there is any soul left in this age so innocent as not to understand this. Last week I saw a lady who wanted to sleep so badly that pulling up in between was not an option. She ingeniously figured a way around this – Put a handky on your cleavage! I felt as if the handky read 'There is nothing here for you dude!' 'Better luck next time!' 'I will knock your milk teeth off!' 'Ninnakku ammayum pengalum illada pulle' and so on. I skilfully moved away so that others don’t conclude that I was the sole cause for this! :D

The silence was broke by the announcement - ‘The next station is Jumeira Lake Towers!’ I hoped off for work wondering otherwise if the handky was to keep her warm?! Should I have offered my sweater! My restless mind wanted an answer, I tried to calm myself and watch my inner voice, the answer to all questions is within you I have read. I heard the voice ever so faintly – Mmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ;)

* According to UAE population census proportion of Men : Women is 3 : 1! Moooooooo!

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