Sunday, May 10, 2015

Soap Poem

Bought you for 20 a piece.
It was a pleasure to rub you against me
Cleaning my dirt away
Borrowing your fragrance... just for a little while

Bought you for 30 a piece
Treated you for as a slave for life
Till you wear away into the drain
Borrowing your fragrance... for a few steps in the sun

Bought you for 40 a piece
Wore you off till too small for a palm
And then you slipped off with whatever body left
A leap for escape? Last leap of Faith?

No! For the sick bastard soul in you,
Wanted a last laugh seeing me
Bend over, running for the slippery you
Foam over my wet hairy butt

Could hear you snigger as I put soap on my face..

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