Monday, June 22, 2015

Love.. Maybe.. Maybe not..

Listening to the sweetest of songs...
My fingers chase the beautiful notes of love... As they dissolve into air I breath..
Fills my heart to the brim.. Not knowing what is filling me inside..
Fear of the emptiness that it will leave when it goes away.. Creeps in without knocking..
Is it worth chasing the notes? Maybe .. maybe not..

Soft ice melt on my lips.. Butterfly brush against tender skin.. Wind rush through hair.. Being wholesome with the world.. Life starts and ends in infinity..
What not can love make me feel!
But can hate make me feel this? Never..
Why does hate exist in the world when pain is its infamous child..
Does not love too hurt the same when its fangs tear off you? Maybe.. maybe not..

Speed down a hill.. As rain drizzle upon.. Unto the cold waves caress.. Through the comfort of soft sand..
Loves unreal gift wrap!
Does jealously present this? Never..
Lost in jealous thoughts ever? "Why do I not have this?!"
Does not love get us lost in thoughts too? Maybe.. maybe not..

Magical music notes fall.. bouncing joyfully off the umbrella of warm love..
The veal of notes.. blinding to see past this love..
Does not anger make us blind?
Why do people want love when the we can be blind our-self in hate too?

Is Love worth all the worthless emotions.. Maybe.. Maybe not..

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