Sunday, July 19, 2015

Freedom of thought

Would you doubt a person to be a fraud if he was a Muslim and did not fast in Ramadan or would you keep a suspicious eye on a man who fasts in Ramadan and wears a skull cap all the time? I have listened to people who genuinely feel either one of the above argument is true! Gandhi might different to this opinion, since he felt there are as many religions as the number of minds in this world. Ideas and Idols are thrown against our minds time and over.

School taught us about Right to equality, right to freedom of speech, to education, religion etc. Why wasn't there a right to freedom to think? Maybe it was too obvious, we are all free to think whatever we want isn't it? Right to fantasize, fancy that! Right to touch yourself. Well you don't have a right to touch someone else without consent for sure. NDTV will ensure that! But coming back to freedom of thought, although obvious, is subtle. So subtle that some may not even think about it in their lifetime - living in a box. But there is always a box - jump from one into another - you may get into a bigger box, but a box it is still.

Science journals say our life expectancy has increased over the years. It was only 40 back in the days, (pause), back in the days when children grew up in the lap of nature. Back in the days when weekends weren't so precious. Back in the days when sex didn't need blue pills, we didn't work to buy iPads or 6-seaters. Wonder if it was a big mistake to evolve, be intelligent. But then there are no mistakes, and we are loving it; courtesy McDonalds evolution.

In this world of billions, the number of people we know, this minority of souls we love. And the veal of ideas that spread and gauge this few. Why? No constitution or law can give you any freedom. But the illution of freedom - yes Constitution, school and religion can give. The only freedom we need is the freedom to think. Freedom to go deep inside, find answers and questions alike.

Freedom to touch our heart, to caress our wounds, to rejoice in our happiness, to remain in silence and clamor of the universe, and witness life unbiased, sincerely, in the warmth of mother natures love.

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