Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An ISIS recruit's guide to God - Alternate route 1

Join ISIS! Rape a few hapless, behead any whom fingers point, drink some blood and if you don't like it add some sweet oil to it and try again. Wait impatiently for the next catch. Do this over and over until you think the girls don't cry like the way they used to, murder doesn't excite anymore, blood tastes like water! It's time to move on..

Take a mercenary jeep through the arid route to Pakistan. Join a militant organization, not because of the yearn to kill again, but for the thrill of infiltrating to India in the coldest of winters, neck deep in snow through the abominable exquisite Himalayas. An adrenaline rush no snake venom can give, dangerous and thrilling, yet without the slightest desire of being hailed by human race. The only award is self satisfaction. The first probable step to a long spiritual journey, being satisfied by own nature.

Treasure this whilst losing a few fingers in pursuit. It's time to move on again. Into the valley of Buddha in Leh.

Spend a few years in a Buddhist monarchy, without a calendar. Turn the prayer wheel everytime you utter 'Om Mani Padme Hum', till you forget your past and future. Till you forget time and age. Till you forget desire and decisions. Till you forget you. And then you finally meet you. Still. A piece of earth.

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